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In general, casino blackjack tables are set up with seven spots of betting, though there are games that only have five. A dealer will act as the house and usually stands behind the actual table to distribute cards.

After choosing which game you wish to play through the maximum and minimum bets, you have to buy-in. Keep in mind not to place any money within the circle of betting, though; set it aside instead and wait to get it changed into chips by the dealer.

After getting your chips, make your bet inside the circle right in front of you. The dealer will shuffle the cards and if three decks or more are put to use, they will be placed inside a box called the "shoe." After shuffling, a player will be asked to "cut" the deck with a colored cut card by sliding it anywhere into the deck.

Then, the dealer will put the cards in the shoe, get rid of the first card, check to see that every player has their bets right, and deal the cards from the deck or the shoe, starting from the player to his left and giving each player two cards.

In several casinos, players get to touch the cards, too. In such cases, players get face-down cards and get to hold them. In these kinds of games, the cards need to be picked up with a single hand and held over the blackjack table. Do not take the off of the table or hide them from your dealer in any way. The dealer is meant to keep the cards safe and stop them from getting replaced or tampered with.

Now, the goal of blackjack would be to beat your dealer. Whoever gets closer to a total amount of 21 after adding all of the card values wins. Face cards and 10s are worth 10 points, while any other cards are worth their actual numerical values. Aces, though, are worth 1 or 11 – your choice.

"Soft hands" are hands with Aces that count as 11, while "hard hands" are hands that do not have Aces or where Aces merely count as 1.

After your dealer gives every player two cards, he will start acting on every hand individually; starting with the first person he dealt to. When your turn is up, he will point at your cards.

If you wish to get another card, scratch your hand on the table. Verbal commands are not accepted and hand signals need to be given so security cameras get to see what that hand does. If you wish to keep your hands as is, just wave with your palm down. This would also be the same motion that is used when you want to stop taking more cards.

In hand-held games, the table is scraped with the cards’ edge if more cards are wanted. If you are satisfied, however, the cards are slid under the chips within the circle of betting.

If your extra card gives you more than 21, you will lose right away and the dealer will take away all of your chips and cards. In hand-held games, your cards need to be turned over right away if you go beyond 21.

Once the hand is over, you will win if your cards are much closer to 21 and you will lose if your dealer's hand is much closer to 21. If you end up in a tie, nobody will lose or win.

If your dealer does not bust, he will take the chips of the losers and pay off the winners. If you push, your dealer will use his knuckles to rap on the table, leaving the chips behind. After this, you can get rid of your bet or increase or decrease it.

The dealer’s rules are extremely simple. If his hand is 16 or lower, he needs to take another card and if his hand is 17 or higher, he needs to keep his cards. Take note that several casinos let dealers hit soft on 17s, giving the house more of an advantage. The strategy of the dealer is fixed, though, so whatever players have would be immaterial when it comes to standing and hitting.

It is possible to get an automatic win, by the way. You simply need to get 21 with your first cards – an Ace and a 10. This would be called a blackjack.

Whenever players get blackjacks, bonuses are also given out. Usually, every bet gets paid off with even money, but blackjacks give off payoffs of 3-to-2. Therefore, if you bet 10, you will get 15.

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