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  1. Compliance. By Viewing this website, you indicate your consent to all these rules and regulations found on this website.
  2. texasholdempokerguru.com Website. Rules and Regulations extend to all clients of texasholdempokerguru.com, including providers of information, and other subject matters or services that are available or found on the Website.
  3. Website Usage.
    1. texasholdempokerguru.com may in time allow users to post multimedia contents. Depending on whether they are published, texasholdempokerguru.com does not promise any privacy with respect to all postings.
    2. You are liable for your own posting. You have possession rights in your User Compliance. However, by sending the User Compliance to texasholdempokerguru.com, you allow texasholdempokerguru.com all freedoms to use your postings. The preceding freedoms approved by you ends once you remove or erase a posting from texasholdempokerguru.com.
    3. You will not: (i) present resources that are copyrighted, unless you have consent (ii) circulate falsifications; (iii) post illegal contents, (iv) submit commercials or conducting of business or imitate others. texasholdempokerguru.com will eradicate all postings if it infringes on another's intellectual property rights without advanced warning. Termination of the account may be necessary.
    4. If you find out that other users violate your copyrights, you may tender a notice in writing: (i) A signature of the authorizer (ii) Evidence of the reproduced work (iii) contact details (iv) A statement that use of the material is unauthorized. Please email to [email protected].
  4. Assurance Clause. Usage of texasholdempokerguru.com is at your own danger to the maximum degree lawfully allowed. texasholdempokerguru.com denies all guarantees, mentioned or implied with regards to its website usage. texasholdempokerguru.com does not guarantee products or services by a third party.
  5. Restriction of responsibility. texasholdempokerguru.com is not responsible for any resulting compensation from any, (i) injuries or damages resulting from your access and use of texasholdempokerguru.com, (ii) unlawful access to or usage of our servers and individual and monetary details stored, (iii) any disruption or termination of communication to or from texasholdempokerguru.com, (iv) any diseases, viruses, which may be spread (v) any fault or lapse or for any shortfall or impairment gained as a result of use of texasholdempokerguru.com. The prior limitation of accountability shall apply to the maximum degree of law.
  6. Insurance. You agree to protect texasholdempokerguru.com, from legal responsibility, or debt resulting from: (i) exploits and admission to texasholdempokerguru.com; (ii) infringement of any conditions (iii) allegations that your User Compliances posed danger to a third party. This protection contract will endure these Rules and Regulations and use of texasholdempokerguru.com.
  7. Capacity to Accept Rules and Regulations. You confirm that you are at least 18 years old, and capable to follow and abide by the stated conditions.
  8. General. You understand that texasholdempokerguru.com is established in the United Kingdom. The laws within the United Kingdom will administer rules and Regulations on this website. If the courts consider any stipulation of these Terms void, that stipulation will not affect the legality of the remaining terms. texasholdempokerguru.com has the authority to amend these Terms at any time and without warning. You and texasholdempokerguru.com consent that any act due to or associated with texasholdempokerguru.com must start within a year after the reason of doing accumulates. Or else, such reason of doing is forever disqualified.
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