Video Poker - Rules and Details

It is not very difficult to learn how to play video poker since the game rules are very simple and this fact brought the recognition of video poker games and placed them on the first place among other casino amusements. In spite of the fact that the game is very simple and video poker arcades are almost the same you have choice to play ordinary games as well as progressive ones. The one and main difference is that in progressive video poker arcades the pot is progressive, it means that it grows till one of the video poker players is lucky to hit the bank. But pay attention, in fact the payouts at the progressive machines are lower than those at the common machines. This is because of the increasing jackpot that is why before choosing the video poker machine decide on what games would be more beneficial for your tastes. Actually, for the novices who just learn how to play video poker we recommend to find the games with the maximum five credits wagers. Then the gambler is able move to the arcades with the lower wagers. So, you chose the video poker version and now should bet with one or several coins. The main difference between video poker and the ordinary poker is that the player may gamble only against machine but not the other players. Hence video poker game is both simple and involving as if you gamble against machine the game is a bit personal and the result is dependent mostly on your acts. So, you insert the coin into poker machine and push the “deal” or “draw” button. The cards are dealt and you are shown the card hand on the screen. You must decide what cards are to be kept and when you choose the “hold” option the definite marks appears under the chosen cards to show that they are kept. Keep in mind, that there are no restrictions on the amount of cards to be held whether one card or none. Then you press the ”draw” button for the second time and the cards which were not kept are changed by the other cards and you receives the last hand on which the outcome of the game can be determined. Thus, below we explain how to play video poker:

  1. The player wagers.
  2. Five cards are dealt.
  3. The gambler decides on the cards to be kept.
  4. The machine changes the cards in the hand except the cards which were held.
  5. The hand is valued once more and the gambler is paid off in case he/she is winner.

Actually, there are many different versions of video poker game in which the rules can differ however the main idea stays the same. So, now when you have learned how to play video poker you are able to start one of the simplest and most popular gambling games!

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