What is Blaze Poker? Info for Players

Picture the scene. You've settled in for a night at the poker table at Ladbrokes.com and you're well into the swing of the game. You hit a bad streak, and can't seem to get anything good to come up at the opening deal. You're constantly throwing away poor hands and sitting through everyone else going down to the bitter end with showdown after showdown. High stakes and high risk mean that the chips are changing hands all over the table, and you're not even getting a look in.

Sounds too familiar doesn't it? Every poker player hits nights like that sometimes. And no amount of skill or bluffing can beat a hand that owns the table. But folding on the first pass every hand can become frustrating and make you want to jack the whole thing in for the night, or sometimes even for good. But there's a new way to play that might just save your game. It's called Blaze and it's going to change the way you play poker forever.

Instead of sitting through the rest of the round once you've folded, Blaze takes you off the table and moves you to a brand new table that's just starting a brand new round. It picks players that have just folded their cards, and puts matching level players together so that they can get right back into the game with no delay. Whenever you fold, whether it's the first pass or the last shout, you're right back into the game within a few seconds with a new hand to play. All you need to do is click on the Blaze Poker table selection and find the game you want. So head to the best online casino and find out how Blaze will change the game you love forever.

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