Collusion in Poker - Cooperation for Winning

First of all let us give a definition of Poker Collusion. The collusion in poker is first of all another form of cheating at a poker table. Cooperation of two players against their opponents at the table is called collusion. Though it may seem that nowadays the poker house, casinos and other serious gambling establishments will not allow making even a small hint at collusion between players, some people are still trying to give the sack to the rest of the poker world. Such occasions as collusion for winning are mostly widespread among the entry-level players with small poker experience, who are willing to try on everything possible and impossible just to get their share of poker cake. Well, we are not to judge here.

Collusion and Friendship

On the other hand it sometimes may seem that it would be rather fun to share the game in casino with your friend. Jokes at the table, talking to each other in the breaks, having chat, etc, seem quite alluring, though when you play with your friend at the same table at casino sometimes you may get into a scrape. First of all, one of you may set another one up and it is a quite common situation for anyone whose pockets are just one step length apart from being filled with a decent amount of cash. Yes, people are not perfect. Another drawback of making collusion with a friend is that actually you will not get more money than if you would have played there by your own. Think it over, both of you have only one possible beneficial end up in a game: when both of you will split the pot, even here, you will get only the half of it.

Collusion Online

Though collusion is not the right thing to do to become a professional and gain a poker-playing skill, there is a certain amount of people who are still trying to break the system, especially if considering the online generation of poker players. Using collusion as a form of online cheating is rather difficult first of all because all the databases are scanning all the visitors and all the registered players to control whether at least two of them are frequently playing in the same card room. Or in case you’ve decided to create another one account to play from both of them in one game, again, your ip address will betray you.

Do You Really Want to Do it in a Tasteless Manner?

Despite all the positive feature s a poker game may have and all the positive emotions and cash it may bring, every medal has its reverse and so as there will always be cheaters in poker. A said story for a professional player who had been developing his poker image and strategies for years, and a funny story for a cheater who prefers eating cake and have it at the same time. Despite the fact that it sounds nice and pleasant, we all know that it’s impossible to sit between two stools and not fall to the ground. Chew on that for a while before making a final decision to cheat, after all it is just a tasteless way to get money.

Poker Quotations

Is it a reasonable thing, I ask you, for a grown man to run about and hit a ball?
Poker's the only game fit for a grown man.
Then, your hand is against every man's, and every man's is against yours.
Teamwork? Who ever made a fortune by teamwork?
There's only one way to make a fortune, and that's to down the fellow who's up against you.
W. Somerset Maugham

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