How to Cheat in Poker Using Electronic Devices

Devices that are Believed to be Generally Used. Myths and Reality

When it comes to discussing cheating in poker and the ways to do it, in the section dedicated to the electronic devices used to cheat in poker, the average person will call the certain list which is far from real state of affairs here. The average non-poker-involved person will rather call you such auxiliaries as cell phones, online messengers, Google glass and some special computer cheating programs that are covered with mystery for outsiders. Well, let us dispel those common illusions and reveal the truth. First of all cell phones along with online messengers were left out in the cold long ago since casinos have decided to tighten security in order to decrease the number of those with their fingers on the pulse of time rather than on their hands in poker. Justified, isn’t it? So setting cameras and stiffening the security policy helped to restrain the cheaters’ ambitions, though, just for a while. However, the generational change caused an inevitable development of electronic devices along with those used to cheat in poker. All over again. As soon as Google glass has popped into view of casino holders they have vehemently opposed against its usage in their gambling establishments, so it’s this point of view is obviously seems to be sound. Even if a player is craving to use it in casino, the casinos have the law on their side and potential players can simply forget the idea of Google glass in gambling.

Actually Used or Frequently Sold

Now let us proceed to the more or less realistic common opinion, namely the usage of mysterious computer cheating programs which help players to win decent amounts of cash. Wait a minute, what? Are you still thinking that there is a worldwide conspiracy theory? Actually, there are such programs that can actually generate cards possibility online, but first of all it is not a panacea, and moreover can you imagine a gambling house or a respective casino which will give players a possibility to bring his notebook, connect wi-fi and use the cheating program just in front of the cameras, right? Are you kidding?

Reconceptualization From the Old Perspective

We are not to present adds here, though it is a commonly known fact that there is a plenty of online resources selling the real-life devices which are believed to help a player to win more money. In real life they are most likely to bring money to those who sell it, all jokes aside. Once surfing some cheaters’ assistance services, one can find a great majority of resources offering some doubtful devices and presenting implausible explanation of it. Remember: just remaining unprovoked will save your money and poker players’ reputation as if spoiled once it can’t be brought back anyway.

The moral of this story is…

Despite the world is changing so quickly and you just do not want to stay there and just observe, there are too many ways to win a pot in a more pleasant and self-constructing way rather than to resort to the poker cheating kind of practice. It is far more useful to develop a player’s skill than whole life hoping that someone or something will help you to deliver your main targets. Nevertheless it is always up to you to decide.

Anyway, good luck in poker practicing!

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