Do Not Get Addicted To Poker

If you are one of millions that stay awake all night wishing that you had made different choices in your recent poker game, then you may be addicted to poker.  Many people can spot a person that is addicted to drugs or alcohol, from a mile away.  However, it may be a lot harder to spot someone that has a gambling addiction, if they are playing right in front of them.  Poker addiction is a serious problem that is plaguing many people’s lives.  They tend to over think of their loses, and even make themselves sink deep into debt.  Please pay close attention to the warning signs, of a person with an addiction to poker.  It can really be a problem that is in the need of some serious attention.  Here are some important things that everyone that plays poker online on a regular basis should know.  It could possibly touch you close to home.

First, there are a lot of players that will use poker as an outlet for anger.  This is exclusively used by players that prefer to remain anonymous, and they usually choose to play online.   Anger is a bad reason to play poker.  These people are using the game to unload their troubles.  This can often times back fire on them and make the situation worse.  To play poker successfully, you have to be able to focus.  If you are full of rage and deep seated anger then you are going to make bad calls and lose money fast.

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A person that has a poker addiction will often play with their last red cent.  In most poker games you will lose more than you win.  If you are not responsible with your funds, you can end up in some very serious trouble very quickly.  Most people that have a problem will even take out a loan at a poker room, or a website in order to play the game. Once the cycle has started it is very hard for them to get out.  If you find that you have to borrow money to play the amount of poker that you are playing at this time, then you probably need to take a step back for awhile.  Poker should be played for the enjoyment and the excitement of the game, not for a large payday. All this information can be read and learned at holdem poker forum.

The next thing that you need to consider is how the poker fits into your everyday life.  There are problem for you down the road.  Poker addicts tend to want to play poker at all cost.  A lot of them lose their jobs, and their home life.  They end up alone and flat broke.  Please do not let this happen to you.  Poker should never be more important in your life than your family or your income. You should only play poker for the love of the game.  Even poker pros tend to lose their shirts every now and then.  There are no guarantees that you will win, and it is highly unlikely that you are even going to be able to win half of the games that you get in.

You should seek the guidance of a professional, before it is too late.  If you think that you may have a problem than you owe it to your welfare to find out and receive treatment.  Even if you are unsure, it is going to be better to seek help then to try to fix the problem alone.  Most players that have an addiction to poker tend to downplay the effects by changing the subject when it is brought up in conversation.

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