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History of poker games goes back to the ancient times when playing cards were just created. The origin of poker game is quite old and in fact it was developed from a lot of different games because the present poker variations possess the components of various games. From the games of online slots and blackjack online online roulette for fun, the best slots jackpots will make your heart beat faster. But online poker will keep you interested through time and space. Nevertheless, it is only up to you to decide what game to choose.

The start of the poker game is marked with the Persian card game "As Nas" that was very popular in the 16th century or even much older game popular in China in the 10-th century. Obviously the poker game made very long way to the today’s variant but the main system and hand rankings stayed always very similar.

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In 1834 the book by Jonathan H. Green appeared. It was the first written guide to poker. In his book J.H.Green described the rules of the so-called “cheating game” which is close to the modern poker game. In a while this card game received the name Poker. In the card game described in Green’s reference book twenty cards pack that had only the Aces, Queens, Kings, Jacks and tens, was used. The gamblers (from two to four) received five cards each. At time when the book appeared Poker game became the most widespread game which replaced the Three Card Monte.

The Poker name has the unclear origin. In accordance with some beliefs this word originated from the French Poque that was used as the name of 17th century game. What is more, Poque is counted to be the closest to the up-to-date poker. Nevertheless, it is possible to find some links to the German game Poshpiel that had some elements of bluffing technique. Some players even claim that Poker name could derive from the Hindu word Pukka. As the most widespread thought says the word Poker derived from slang “poke” that was used by the pickpockets. The players who played poker games could use the word poker adding an “r” and thus we now got the name of Poker. Of course, it also can come from the term "hocus-pocus" which was used by the wizards.

Along its history the Poker game was modified a lot. At first, as it was already mentioned, it was played with twenty cards, in a while with 32 and now in nearly all poker forms 52 cards deck is applied. These days poker online game is always associated with the Wild West period, and really back then the saloons that had poker could be met in each town on the continent. Nowadays Poker is regulated by the specific laws and it is legally played in the gambling halls and the home poker is quite popular. More and more gambling establishments in all the areas run poker. You can learn more at holdem poker forum.

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One day a chump, the next day a champion. What a difference a day makes in tournament poker.
Mike Sexton

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